New Board Elected

NC COPS would like to introduce the NC COPS Board Members. They are as follows:

President - Kim Murray

Vice President - Wanda Rhyne

Treasurer - April Greene

Secretary - Vanessa Lossiah

Chapter Director - Beth Hutchens

Trustee - Paige Mast-Blivens

Trustee - Laura Matthews

Trustee - Charlotte Lossiah

LE Liaison - Ricky Parks (Rocky Mount/Raleigh)

LE Liaison - Rick Spencer (Southern Coastal)

LE Liaison - Ben Reed (Mountains)

LE Liaison - Rodney Rawls (Northern Coastal)

LE Liaison - Jeff Ledford (Piedmont)

Liaison - Tami Warren (NC Justice Academy)

A big THANK YOU to each of them for volunteering to be a part of the NC COPS team. We look forward to working with them as we help build the shattered lives of LODD families in North Carolina by offering support and guidance.

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